Original research papers are invited in any of the areas listed below. The acceptance of papers will be based upon quality, originality, and relevance.

All received abstracts and papers will be subject of a software plagiarism check and a double-blind peer review.

The papers will only be published if payment of the registration fee has been made by deadline.

Official language of the Industrial Growth Conference 2020 is English. Papers must be written and presented in English.

  1. The threat of a new global economic crisis
    • The new challenges facing the industry during a crisis.
    • Cooperation as a key principle to overcome the difficulties encountered by the industrial firms.
    • Modern ways of overcoming the cyclicity caused by economic crises.
    • Indicators and prerequisites for a new economic crisis.
    • Declining globalisation as a threat to the industrial growth.
    • The impact of Brexit on the development of the industry in Europe.
  1. The challenges of the modern industrial models
    • Innovation as a main driving force for the industrial growth.
    • Digital transformation of the industry.
    • Regenerative economy.
    • Harnessing industrial growth in favour of the companies: human resources management and motivation, new marketing tools, financial support for industrial growth.
    • Effectiveness of the Bulgarian government policies to promote investment and innovation from a business standpoint.