Emil Kitchoukov, Nikola Stoyanov, Tsvetelina Simeonova-Zarcin, Todor Stoyanov


Forest certification plays an important role in supporting and ensuring sustainable forest management. By March 2016, there are 19 forest enterprises in Bulgaria certified to the FSC for sustainable forest management. Certified forest areas are 807,833.80 ha, which represents 19% of all forest areas in the country. The first two Forest Management Standards (FSC) were obtained in 2006. The interest in certification has grown in recent years, as is the case for the past year. As of November 2017, the FM FSC certified hunting and forestry forest enterprises are 72 in number, part of which are included in group certificates of the respective state-owned enterprises in whose territory they are located. Certified forest area in Bulgaria in November 2017 is 1 315 594 ha. Issues related to forest certification and sustainable forest management and wood processing management in the country are gaining momentum.

Key words: sustainable forest management, forest certification, profitability, FSC, logging, woodworking.

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