Original research papers are invited in any of the areas listed below. The acceptance of papers will be based upon quality, originality, and relevance. All received abstracts and papers will be subject of a software plagiarism check and a double-blind peer review. The papers will only be published if payment of the registration fee has been made by deadline.

Official language of the Industrial Growth Conference 2024 is English. Papers must be written and presented in Bulgarian or English.

Please follow the instructions in the file below. It is required to use the file as a template and to rename it with the author’s name. Only papers formatted according to the instructions will be accepted.

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  1. Circular Economy
    • Circular Solutions Implementation
    • Nature and People-Centric Approach
    • Circular Design and Innovation
    • Measuring Circularity
    • Circular Economy in Cities and Regions
    • Secondary Raw Materials
    • Circular Economy and Climate Neutrality
    • Empowering Consumers
    • Circular Business Models
    • Collaboration and Coalition-Building
  1. Intelligent Business
    • Collaboration and Coalition-Building
    • AI and Business Transformation
    • Data-Driven Decision-Making
    • Ethical AI and Responsible Automation
    • Digital Transformation Strategies
    • Industry-Specific Applications
    • Business Intelligence and Analytics
    • Cybersecurity in the Age of AI
    • Collaboration between Humans and AI
    • Measuring AI Impact
  1. Education
    • Distance Education
    • Educational Centers and Courses
    • International Educational Programs
    • Alternative Educational Models