Valentina Nikolova-Alexieva, Toni Mihova, Mina Angelova, Magdalena Damianova-Bakardzhieva


In terms of becoming and remaining competitive as well as successful, a business should boost its processes continuously. If it fails to do so, it can result in lower revenues, higher costs, fewer satisfied clients, and lesser motivated employees. Business Process Management (BPM) is a strong tool that can be used by a business for keeping every aspect of operations running ultimately. The focus of the research was to measure the process maturity and management’ mindset exhibited through innovativeness, creativity, business alertness and risk taking and how these attributes contributed to the organizational performance.

The research focused on a population of 378 enterprises from food industry based in South-Central region of Bulgaria. A questionnaire was used to collect data from a sample of 176 enterprises which were selected through stratified random sampling method. Collected data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). Correlation and multiple regression analysis were employed to analyze the data and test the hypotheses. The study revealed that innovativeness, creativity, business alertness and risk taking were significant for successful implementation of BPM and affecting performance of Bulgarian enterprises. The study concluded that management’s mindset or lack of it has a major effect on business performance and if any organization is bended towards development and growth, it would have to embrace thе concept of BPM.

Keywords: business process management; process change; process maturity; managerial mindset

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