Norbert G. Brink


In the last four decades, the industry has changed significantly. While there has been a reduction in the life cycles of both products and technologies, the complexity inherent in industrial production has grown. The process of globalization brings many new challenges. Especially the entire automotive industry is dominated by a few but very large system suppliers. Small and medium-sized suppliers are under pressure to change. Basic strategy changes and new organizational models are required. One possibility is the network-like collaboration of various companies as a virtual system supplier (hereinafter called “VISYSUP”).

The success of these corporate networks depends on many factors. On the basis of the research carried out so far by the author, possible success factors have been identified.

With the “VISYSUP’s House of Success” a descriptive and memorable presentation was chosen. In this model, the success factors are systematized according to the life phases of the VISYSUP.

In order to describe the phenomenon of the VISYSUP and its success factors in a real environment and to obtain insights for further empirical investigations, a company – the BRINK GmbH – was examined more closely in the course of a case study. In this context, experts from the VISYSUP were interviewed.

The focus was placed on the factor “trust”. Using the example of the company network examined, the study shows that “trust” can achieve a positive effect on different levels.

This work presents a novel approach to the development and implementation and assessment of success factors, in particular the factor “trust”, of virtual system suppliers. From this point of view, these are very important factors for the author to undertake further research in this interesting direction.

Key words: Success Factors, Virtual System Supplier, Virtual Corporation, Trust, Organizational Model, Small and Medium-sized Suppliers

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