Bozhidar I. Hadzhiev, Valentina Nikolova Alexieva, Iva T. Bachvarova

Keywords: broadband business entrepreneurship, complex reengineering, digitalization, industry 4.0


The theory and practice of broadband entrepreneurship is a fact, already. As stated in some research, “…In the modern world of business, entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly broadband and affects the creation of changes in every business space, at every level in every industrial and territorial dimension”. This is entrepreneurship driven by broadband shopping of goods and services, instant communications, negotiations and orders. It is based on the ideas of Complex Reengineering theory, the three-star model and the seven concepts of this theory. This study focuses on opportunities to create broadband business opportunities. An attempt is made to reveal the underlying factors for creating these conditions. The main purpose of this study is to analyse the factors for creating conditions for broadband business entrepreneurship in order to draw attention to the opportunities for achieving lasting success for the Bulgarian society.

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